Saturday, March 5, 2011

One Dress, One Changed Life at a Time

I'm a faithful follower of this really cool blog called MegaSimple. Recently, on a day off of school due to snow, I clicked onto Megan's blog expecting to read all about a yummy new recipe or super-cute craft project. Instead I find this post that spoke - no screamed - to me from the screen.

Amy Seiffert is chronicling her daily experiences of wearing the same gray dress every day for 6 months to raise awareness for the victims of human trafficking. At the end of her journey, Amy will donate the money she would have spent on clothing to The Daughter Project, an organization right here in Northwest Ohio devoted to rehabilitating girls rescued from sexual slavery.

I, myself, have had a personal encounter with this horrific crime against young girls and women. In May 2010 I had the opportunity to teach abroad in Cambodia. While I was there I visited many shelters designated to provide a safe haven for those brave enough to escape the trade. I also had the unfortunate, yet life-changing experience of witnessing human trafficking in the act.

As I read through Amy's blog the desire to act - to do something about this - began to take shape in my mind, in my soul. So, like any normal cyber-stalker, I looked Amy up on Facebook. Sure enough, she had a page. So I sent her a message.

This is what it said...