Saturday, January 22, 2011

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our kindergarten class had fun learning about the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s work for human rights this week. I had a full week's worth of activities planned, but school was canceled Wednesday due to snow and ice, so we didn't get it all in. Such is the life of a kindergarten teacher!

On Tuesday I read a simple book about Dr. King. The kids loved the "old fashioned" black and white pictures. They really got a kick out of the clothes people wore during King's era. We discussed how unfair life was back then, and the kids had a lot to say about it all. Their little hearts are so loving and caring.

We then worked on a "Diversity Quilt" project that celebrates our differences. Each child had to choose something unique about themselves, draw a picture of it, and write a sentence to explain their special quality. I then mounted each picture on a piece of construction paper (the kids chose their favorite color), punched holes along the edges, and tied it all together with yarn. We talked about that even though each of us are different, we all belong together.

Here is our quilt! I think it is adorable.
I found the idea in a weekly e-newsletter from The Mailbox.

Isn't this just too cute?!

Dr. King advocated for peace among all people. On Thursday we made peace doves using paper plates. Once their cute little birds were done, we used them to sing a song about MLK. They {LOVED} it!

How do you celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday in your classroom?

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